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"Come forth into the light of things,
Let Nature be your teacher."
- William Wordsworth

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by Megan Brim
"My nights are for overthinking, my mornings are for oversleeping."
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Tsusiat Falls, Bryn Tassell


Tsusiat Falls, Bryn Tassell


Rust Lake, Alaska | A. Andis


Rust Lake, Alaska | A. Andis

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"We assume others show love the same way we do — and if they don’t, we worry it’s not there."
written by Unknown (via cierrafrances)

"You wouldn’t want a dog that could POTENTIALLY bite your niece or son living nearby you, now would you? If they are a danger to society, they should be put down. We only have such limited resources."

The privileged has a choice. They can choose their dog. They can choose where to eat, what to eat, and who they talk to. They can choose to believe that the lesser people do what they do because “they make bad choices.” They say that only well behaved dogs deserve to live. 

Most people don’t. They are not lucky and have jobs that they hate. They have to deal with snotty customers and judgmental and pain in the ass co-workers. They are surrounded by shitty people at home and their shitty acquaintances—and they are clearly horrible influences. 

Just because dogs are domesticated by humans, it doesn’t mean they are docile fluffy beings we get to boss around. They are animals and individuals in their own right—just like we are. They make mistakes. They are born into situations that shape their behavior and outlook on life. 

Some don’t trust strangers. They learned to bite people because that’s what worked to get those horrible people to leave them alone. They are often abused, misguided, and taken advantage of. They are scared. 

And some are just nuts. Just down right assholes. Some bite because they can, and they will. They won’t back down to some stupid human. 

And what brought them into this world? Who, exactly, got them exposed and involved in all this chaos and danger? Us.  

I am not surprised at all that humans are basically responsible for the whole animal abuse/animal overpopulation/ethuanasia situation. But I am surprised when they don’t realize it’s their own goddamn fault. 

I want to yell, why is it so bad to give a dog a chance? There’s something called rehabilitation for a reason. What’s it to you if some of us decide to spend our time and resources to help a dog? 

Would you say I’m just encouraging dangerous people to be put back in our white picket fence society if I spent my time and money to help a teenager sober up and get his life on track? Am I selfish person because I want to help someone ATTEMPT to get their life back? To live a normal life that you and I get to live.

Am I a stupid person for endangering the lives of our people for trusting this criminal teenager and giving him a chance? 


Then why can’t someone do that with a dog? Why is it a dumb decision to help rehabilitate a dog that grew up in less than ideal circumstances and incurred habits and behavior that is unsavory and dangerous (aka bit 3 people in 3 different contexts)? Is it fixable? Maybe. Maybe not. 

But if I really believed that with training the dog can get better, just like I can believe a person with a scary background can turn their life around, then yes, I believe it’s worth the time and effort. As long as I am not putting the lives of other people in danger, I will try and help them. 

I am privileged and I choose to help dogs.

It’s my choice so get off my back. 


Ísland Day 6 (at Blue Lagoon)


Ísland Day 6 (at Blue Lagoon)


#Iceland Day 8 - no photo manipulation (at Hraunfossar)


#Iceland Day 8 - no photo manipulation (at Hraunfossar)

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